Hillary Clinton, president or megalomaniac politician? "Hillary Clinton 2016" exposes Hillary Clinton and her naked ambition to become president.
The explosive book, "Hillary Clinton 2016", strips bare the persona of Hillary Clinton, and exposes her naked ambition as a grave danger to the future of the United States of America.

Hillary Clinton being the wife of former president Bill Clinton gives her immense name recognition. In 21st century America, the name recognition that Hillary Clinton possesses grants her a tremendous political advantage.
Hillary Clinton 2016 confronts the reality of the former First Lady's political ambition. It presents the case for all Americans against a second Clinton presidency in the United States of America.


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Hillary Clinton relocated to New York to campaign for the Senate while Mr. Filger resided in Manhattan. He was a keen witness to Hillary Clinton's rapid construction of her own political identity, distinct from that of Bill Clinton. His longstanding interest in the political ambitions of Hillary Clinton led him to write his first book about the former First Lady and her presidential ambitions, Hillary Clinton Nude.
As an avid student of history, politics and strategy, Mr. Filger was especially interested in Hillary Clinton's leadership qualities, and if Mrs. Clinton possessed the intellectual gravitas and strength of character to serve as president and Commander-in-Chief.
Hillary Clinton 2016  is an update of the original book, including new material in advance of Hillary Clinton's second try at regaining the White House for the Clinton dynasty. Mr. Filger's other books include Islamic State At War and King of Bombs, a  novel on nuclear terrorism.